Bitcoin and Effects on the Broader Blockchain Network

Adam Napoletano
2 min readDec 30, 2017

During my high-school years (circa 2012), technology websites piqued my interest more than most websites of other topics. I read much about this new technology of a decentralized currency coming into play, but did not comprehend the importance of the technology.

Come college, one of my friends and I had a conversation where we realized that the other was the first person we have met that has an interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies backed by the blockchain. We joined the Gator Bitcoin Club at the University of Florida and found more people sharing our same interests. We each read countless white-papers on the distributed ledger and how the technology has the ability to impact so many different aspects of life, most of which the average person will not realize but will still benefit from. I became more and more excited as I realized that we were growing up in the best time possible, learning as the technology grows.

When talking with others in the club, I was presented with the opportunity to get tickets to the North American Bitcoin Conference. I jumped at the opportunity and started planning transportation and lodging. This would give the ability to meet with the teams behind the ICO’s and other blockchain projects. These are all the people at the forefront of the technology and I would get the opportunity to interact with them. I believe that the Blockchain technology has and will continue to make a large impact on the technology landscape, and I am happy to be a part of it. This conference is a great way to get great minds talking about the future of Cryptocurrency and blockchain! Check out the links below for some more information (website and Facebook). Thanks for reading and see you there!